Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder - Ethics and Musical Compositions.

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Don't Cry, It's only Thunder

Music can affect the outcome of a movie greatly. Musical compositions and sounds give film the extra push needed in making the audience react. In Don't Cry, It's only Thunder, music helps set the mood of the movie, plus it helps in helping the audience interpret the different ethical topics seen in the movie.

The first way that music provides assistance in this movie is in the very beginning. The introduction. The music that was playing, had we not been watching the movie, would have given us a picture of the setting of the movie. At first, the violin plays a rather melancholy tune. A few notes later, an oriental-type form of music is heard, played by the violins. However, one can also hear the military drumbeats in the background. All these are clues that suggest that the movie may be a sad one, or at least, starts sad.

It is set in an oriental place. In this case, it is Vietnam. Finally the drumbeats suggest that it is probably a war movie. All this was interpreted just from listening to the introduction musical composition in the movie.

There is another part in the movie in which music helps in the setting of a happy atmosphere. This is seen when the children are playing and having fun near the end of the movie. The orphanage is given enough supplies to last them a good while. A time for celebration is a hand. The music is that of children singing. Toy pianos, bells, and other happy-sounding instruments accompany their singing. Once again, one might be able to decipher the atmosphere of the scene by simply listening to the music.

The concept of ethics is something that can be seen throughout this whole film. The movie...