Don't Judge Me The Way Hollywood Does

Essay by saifee April 2006

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From Arab sheikhs and Muslim terrorists to belly dancers and mysterious women wrapped in burqas, Hollywood depictions of Muslims aren't generally true and it is no secret that the movies' portrayal of Arabs and Muslims over the years has not been good. Muslims in the movies have suffered insults ranging from "camel jockeys" to "towel heads" to "sand niggers" and have consistently been villains on the wrong end of Western heroes' guns.

I have observed that in films ranging from 'Aladdin' to 'The Mummy' to 'Rules of Engagement' to 'Team America: World Police' Muslims are usually represented as simplistic, illiterate, one-dimensional, angry, hateful, untrustworthy, money hungry and, of course, dirty.

I, being a Muslim and having lived in an Arab country for over four years, can easily and confidently say that these images are false, in fact the Arabs that I have personally known were quite the opposite: they were educated, literate, open minded, clean and neatly dressed.

My religion always teaches one to educate himself and be more loving and caring towards others. Anger and lust for wealth are prohibited, and kindness and generosity is praiseworthy.

A lot of people also think that Arabs are orthodox, old-fashioned and narrow minded. Although our religion is strict when it comes to particular subjects - like adultery/pre-marital sex, modesty and use of intoxicants - Arabs tend to be modern and stay within the religious limits at the same time. I have seen so many driving the newest model of a luxury car, or chatting on one of the newest cell phone, or dressed traditionally but in extra ordinary fabrics, wearing such scents that would blow your minds away!

At seeing the stereotypical image of Muslims being portrayed, I would feel, "Why can't they show Arabs and Muslims as having full...