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I want to know what's up ahead

Will I live for ever or soon be dead

Will my thoughts disappear or be read

Will I keep speaking the truth?

Or will I have trouble going to sleep at night

Am I a success?

Or just another hard working man

Will my soul be free?

Will it be trapped behind thoughts forced on me?

Do I have to stay alive or could I leave now

Is it bad to want death?

Should I do what I feel or feel what u make me do?

Do I have to work hard?

Or could I lay back and relax forever

Till I face Hades in a cold place we call hell

Is it really there or was it created

So many questions

Do I really have to wait for judgment day?

Before there answered

Well if I should die before I wake let the world know

I never found the answers

Why was I born?

Why did I live?

Why did I die?

More questions for those who have already found the


I just don't want to go without finishing my life

But I don't want to finish it cause then I would die

And I don't want to die

Or do I?

Well I guess only time will tell

But what if I don't have time

It will never tell and I will never know

So I guess I should stop now because I'm confused

Does the world love me?

Does it want me to stay?

Or when I die will it forget to mourn…