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The Differences Between Action and Adventure Movie Genres

Nowadays, there are lots of movies with action-adventure genre in the cinema. Some people start to think that both genres are the same, since it always get paired together in one movie, such as Alice in Wonderland, Tomb Raider, etc. But is it really the same? Action and adventure genre seems similar but different in several factors.

It is not wrong to say that both genres are the same, because they have some similarities. First, both genres have exciting story line and usually supported with computer-animated effect, which is very important in attracting audience attention and make the movie looks more believable. As an example there is Alice in Wonderland. The movie that was directed byTim Burton and was released to the cinema in 2010 tells a story about the already grown up Alice having trouble with her dream that keeps repeating night after night, until one day she saw a rabbit in a blue waistcoat during her unwanted marriage proposal.

Then she jumped into the wonderland through a giant rabbit hole after chasing the rabbit. Later in the movie, it is discovered that Alice was actually the hero in Wonderland that was foretold to be the one who will defeat Jabberwocky and the Red Queen also restore the peace in Wonderland (RF, 2010). Also with the 3D animation, it makes the film spectacular. Even though that was one of an old story and cartoon back then, they come up with a new 'twist' to be added in the movie. That's one exciting storyline, isn't it? Second, it is always hero or main character focused. Somehow, for both genres the story only tells about events revolving around and related to the hero itself like in the last example. Theevent in the movie...