"Don't Let Me Die" By Lindsay Caldwell

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Don't Let Me Die! Don't Let Me Die! By Lindsay Caldwell------------- A tragic car accident brings Lucy's social life to an end. She first went through surgeries and then therapy. Depressed, lonely, and crippled she finds herself wondering, "Is this all worth living for?" As a suspense and tragedy/drama, it was a great book. Lucy St. Cloud is the protagonist of this powerful, heart-moving story. The antagonist of the book was a guy from the net that Lucy meets in a chat room, but turns out to be a thief and goes to Lucy's house to rob her house.

Lucy arrived at the home of her friend, Kendra Lindley, on a cool, misty late May evening. While parking her mother's white van, she saw Dash's (Lucy's boyfriend) motorcycle at the curb, she hadn't seen him since yesterday afternoon. As she went in Kendra's house she saw Dash dancing with Jenny (Lucy's childhood best friend) and Jenny flirting with Dash.

Dash didn't even bother to say "HI" to Lucy or went over to kiss her he just kept dancing with Jenny. Lucy got so mad she left the living room, she turned and ran out of the house. Down the steps. She went into her mother's white van. The van tore away from the curb as if propelled by jet fuel. The windshield was so coated with mist, Lucy couldn't see. Lucy wasn't concentrating on the road and that's when it started. Lucy slammed on the brakes when she saw the truck hurtling toward her on the rain-slicked road. But the blinding headlights kept getting closer. Tires squeal. Glass shatters. Lucy screamed. Everything goes black. Lucy wakes, expecting to walk away from the accident. But she can't walk.

Later she tries to kill herself by swallowing a dozen of pills, but...