Don't make cruelty pay!

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Imagine what it must be like to be caged in a laboratory, doomed to be slowly poisoned to death. Just for the sake of younger-looking skin or brighter whites. Relentless cruelty in its most callous and devious way. These animals only have one hope-you!

Everyday, many of us use a product that has been tested on animals. These products have been produced by Companies such as Procter and Gamble. They own things like Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Fairy, Sunny Delight, Pringles, Pantene Pro V, the list could go on forever.

Procter and Gamble are a company worth billions. You would have thought they should test on human embryos or humans who use the product.

Most people say they care a lot about animals. But do they? They still buy products that underprivileged, deprived and neglected animals have had pumped through their bodies and rubbed in their eyes. There are heaps more companies that make crisps and washing up liquid!

Animals die a slow painful death every day.

Once they have been used, they get left to fend for themselves, whilst they are drugged up on poison! Do the people who fund these companies care that the animals are harmed? No, they only care about what goes into their fat stomachs.

There are thousands of other problems in the world, which are important. But so is this. Companies were supposed to have stopped testing years ago. Lever Faberge did. Procter and Gamble and others like Johnson and Johnson STILL believe they are special and can STILL test on animals. Do they really believe that it is one rule for us and another for them!

P&G paid Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory to force feed and kill forty eight monkeys. They did this to test a nasal decongestant, despite the fact it was...