Don't Run Ralph Nader!

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Dear Mr. Ralph Nader:

You have an extraordinary record of public service over the past 35 years. You have done more for the American people as an activist than most politicians ever have. You have founded or organized countless civic organizations, authored numerous books and publications, and contributed to the public good in an effort to make America a better place. But America is fragmented politically with the two-party system. A prominent liberal choice, such as yourself, in addition to the Democratic candidate could split the progressive vote and result in yet another era of Republican dominance. To turn the tide of conservatism in America in 2008, American liberals and progressives need to unite behind a single Democratic candidate in order to win. For those reasons, Mr. Nader, please do not run again. Retire from the political arena and return to the grassroots organizations you set up that made this country better for everyone.

Your started you career in activism fighting against the automobile industry. With Unsafe at Any Speed, you claimed that many American cars, particularly those made by GM, were structurally unsafe. Because of your efforts, the safety features many Americans take for granted such as seat belts, shoulder harnesses, head rests, collapsible steering columns, and padded dashboards have become required by the United States government and have saved countless lives (Miroff, Seidelman, Swanstorm 250).

In 1971, you founded the NGO Public Citizen as an umbrella organization for counsumer activist projects. Today, Public Citizen has over 150,000 members and numerous researchers investigating Congress, health, environmental, economic, and other issues. Their work is credited with helping to pass the Safe Drinking Water Act and Freedom of Information Act and prompting the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission...