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4.2 Illustrate differences in marketing products and services to businesses rather than consumers:

4.2.1 The fasting moving consumer goods(FMCG)

In B2C just focus in products which is bought frequently such as printer ink, pin …in Samsung

so it just is basic items of basic needs that is reasons for low price and low risk in purchases. Besides, Product in B2B is not basic, more quality to produce in complex process so it is very high cost and high risk in purchases such as TV, smart phone, washing machine, printer , air Samsung Therefore, Product marketing in B2B is higher valuable and more influential than B2C and not high reliance on re-purchases.

4.2.3 attributes of buying behavior

B2B also has many variable buying behavior and variety of product as consumer market But It has some differences especially attributes of buying behavior.

-Own money

Buying behavior in B2B focus in their own money and more competitive than B2C Because organization must make a buying decision making unit (DMU).


They have to consider about common goals and the risk arising in their decision. Moreover, They have to determine what the customer need and want to build up personal contact and relationship in DMU. It is clearly that the process of marketing can be long-waiting time and more complex than B2C

- Average order values and quantities

average order values and quantities are higher than B2C and Customer base is more easy to identify. For example, Samsung had about 2000 companies and 90million Customers. Therefore, B2B buying behavior is more important than B2C in marketing services.

4.2.4 Target Markets:

- More available data

B2B is more identify than B2C Because more available data can be found easily in government statistics by monthly and quarterly in many manufacturing companies. Much...