Dont Get Your Hopes up

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Britni Solgot

Joan Wegner

ENG 111-28

8 October 2014

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

I have been told all my life "Don't get your hopes up." It's become an automatic internal response to whenever things start to look up. Though initially given as advice by loved ones convinced that they are "looking out for me," this mantra of sorts has become the basis on which I diffuse big dreams and bold actions.

If you get your hopes up, everything hurts 1,000 times more when it falls apart. My point exactly. The more you hope and allow yourself to care, the closer you become to living a life worth fighting for.

For most of my life, I thought hope was a tease. Without recognizing the power of hope, my life was heavy. There was this emptiness that weighed and dragged me down every shuffling step I tried to take forward, I was taunted by my bleak reality that life as it was is all there would ever be.

Sure I hoped it would get better. I hoped someone would swoop in, tell me I was amazing and take the reins of my life to make something of me, instead of having to do all the work myself.

After years of self-work and strengthening from the inside out, I started to realize that hope is a tool that has the power to create change. Hope can allow you to see what you truly want. Hope peeks though the darkness in every situation you allow it to. Every time I'm "stuck," and I find myself hoping that I will get out somehow, hope becomes that doorway to finding my way in to the life I want.

Caring about my hopes with every part of me drives me to create them.