"DOOM". A story of the power of one's self concience.

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As I look now upon the road that I have travelled, I see clearly what I set out to become. I vaguely remember the time how sorrow had engulfed me and drifted me from my path. But now, it is not so, my track has changed its course and from this course I will not stray. Not as I did before.

The time of my coming into this world is now long past, the happiness that once filled me has died now. I was a young elf then who was in awe of the power of 'HIM' and was utterly enthralled by its might. Nevertheless, times have changed now. And I am the sole successor of the throne of 'HIM' whose power is now tapering and so he shall soon be forgotten.

I left my house and family for they would not accept my following the path of "HIM". "HIM" was the mightiest of the elves that had powers which the ordinary knew not.

Every elf in the Elfin-pat (elves community) was tremendously terrified of his personality however on the other hand I was intrigued by it. He killed, slaughtered and murdered. People who feared him increased; on the other hand his disciples did too.

To achieve "HIM's" status is my passion and I will not give it up when I am to accomplish it shortly. My goal is to become the master of this entire Pat. My conscience tells me that my path leads me only towards my doom to hell. At the same time, my heart enlightens me that I shall be victorious.

"Today is my day "HIM". You'll be forgotten in no time and then I'll be the master of this entire territory." I conceitedly proclaim when I meet "HIM" on our duel day.

"Well that is...