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Dorian Gray Essay *Revised

In the excerpt Dorian Gray questions his actions towards Sybil Vane. When Dorian looked at his portrait he noticed it had changed. He linked the change in the portrait with his attitude with Sybil. Dorian decides to apologize to Sybil in order for the portrait to be beautiful again, but quickly overturns his thoughts to thinking how it's Sybil's fault and why he doesn't love her anymore. This shows Dorian's internal conflict. With knowledge that the portrait reflects Dorian's actions, he will now base all his decisions having the portrait in mind, making the portrait a motif. In Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian is challenged by the principles of moral conscience versus vanity, which in this case, the choice he has to make is between apologizing to Sybil, or letting his arrogance take over.

Dorian Gray was a simple young man until Lord Henry, whose intentions are to use Dorian as his entertainment, corrupted him.

Lord Henry made Dorian accept the idea that he could anything he wanted with no consequence because he is so beautiful. This ties back to the theme, being that Dorian now believes he is superior and can get away with any kind of attitude. Lord Henry gave him an oval glass framed with ivory Cupids. This allusion just emphasizes how Lord Henry wants to make Dorian believe he is "God-like".

With the use words like cruel, horribly, pain, and suffering the overall tone and mood of the excerpt is serious and somber. Dorian's narrative starts out with flowing sentences. Then the sentences became very short and choppy with many question marks. This use of syntax suggests that Dorian was uneasy with his thoughts, adding to his internal conflict. The imagery displayed in the...