Dormitory - a hotel or a second 'home'.

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As the young people leave their homes in search for education, they face the neccessity of accomodating themselves in a often hostile and unknown city. Many obtain a room in a dormitory where people of all shades and colours meet and it is not striking that the attitudes to it are diverse. This versatility of perceiving dormitory stems also out of the fact that the distance between the academic city and the place where students come from is of wide-range - sometimes it is less than 100 kilometers but sometimes it is really big. I claim that there is a relation between the way students treat the dormitory and the distance from their homes.

People that study fairly close to their home are usually tightly bound with their family and the place they left . Such people come back their hometowns every holiday and nearly ever weekend, are still in touch with the old friends who stayed there and usually want to come back for good after they graduate.

Therefore, they treat dormitory as a hotel, a place where they sleep, eat and learn. It is easy to spot when one looks at their shelves and cupboards in the dormitory room - they are nearly empty; not much, apart from the daily-use things and books. It does not mean that they do not socialize in the city they study. They do make new friends with whom they often go out but still they are quite homesick.

On the other extreme are those who are separated from their families and place they where brought up in by a distance of thousands of kilometers. They have rare opportunities to come back home but they use these occasions very intensly but after a long time spent away from it makes them feel like...