Double Doctor.

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Double Doctor

It was nearly midnight. I was just five years old. I woke with a start, coughing, not

able to stop. I headed down the hall to my parents bedroom. Before I had even got there,

my mom was already up and had the cough medication ready to go.

She tried to throw the medicine down my throat in between the constant coughing

and weezing. It didn't take her long to suspect that this wasn't just a regular cold.

It was decided at that moment that I was going to pay a visit to the doctor in the

morning, if the cold was worse. I wasn't really givin much of a choice, but I was too tired

to make any objection.

The next morning, my mom made an appointment to see the family doctor. At ten

o'clock we pulled out of the driveway, and headed off to the doctors office.

We arrived shortly after, and sat in the waiting room for about ten minutes before

we were escorted to a room where the doctor was found to be sitting at his desk, flipping

through some papers. When he noticed us, he looked over tipping down his glasses to the

end of his nose and eyed me for what seemed an eternity before finally greeting us. He

then showed me to a seat in the centre of the room, and pulled up a chair directly in front

of me.

After about five minutes and a few quick tests he said I would be fine. All I

needed was alot of rest and some medication, which he prescribed.

We went back home. I was given the proper dosage of the new medicine, which

tasted horrible, and was sent off to bed, both of which I did very unwillingly.

After a...