Double Jeopardy (Creative writing story to explain the 5th amendment article of double jeopardy)

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It all started on a warm Sunday night in the middle of July. I was walking from Boys Hot Springs to my house a little after eight o'clock. As I was walking, I got pulled into an alley by a dark figure. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see a man standing in front of me. Soon he utters, "Hey kid, this is a stickup! Give me your wallet and your gold chain!" At this point, I was so unbelievably scared, I was unable to move and just stare blankly at him.

Once he realized I had not responded, he grabbed me by the hair. At this instant, I fell into a state of fear. I couldn't control my thoughts or my actions. Unconsciously, I reacted to him grabbing me. I reached into my jacket pocket, pulled out my pocketknife and stabbed him. After I stabbed him, the man jumped back and fell to the ground.

After I was able to collect my thoughts, I grasped what I had done. I had killed him. I then picked up my knife, and ran home as fast as I could. On the way back, I threw the knife off of a bridge into the creek below.

A few days later, I police man came to my door and told me that I was under arrest for the murder of Chris Iverson, a local Taco Bell worker. Apparently when Chris grabbed me by the hair, he pulled some of it out and the police found it on the body. They had tested the DNA and I matched it. At the trial the prosecutors accused me of the murder because my hair was at the scene, even though there was no other evidence that could have linked me to the crime.