Double Trouble

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Christopher Green

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31 January 2014

Double Trouble: Mrs. Penn and Mrs. Mallard

Overcoming adversity and disappointment and seeing a bright side to it can be difficult. In the story "The Revolt of Mother" and "The Story of an Hour" the authors Wilkins and Chopin wrote about two women who did just this. Wilkin's character Sarah was an older woman who had a disagreement with her husband over building a house. Louise was a younger woman who was dealing with the loss of her husband. Sarah Penn from "The Revolt of Mother" and Louise Mallard from "The Story of an Hour" differ on the amount of courage they have to stand up to their husband, but they are similar in how they overcome adversity to be victorious, and married to a dominant partner.

These women differed in the amount of courage they have to stand up to their partner.

Each character had different levels of courage. Sarah had more courage to stand up to her husband for what she wanted. In the story, Sarah becomes determined to make the new barn her home:

"Mrs. Penn's face, as she work[s], change[s] her perplexed forehead smoothed, her eyes were steady, her lips firmly set. She form[s] a maxim for herself, although incoherently with her unlettered thoughts. 'Unsolicited opportunities [i]s the guideposts of the Lord to the new roads of life.' She repeat[s] in effect, and she ma[kes] up her mind to her course of action." (558)

Sarah's husband built a barn over her request of a house. He later left to go to Vermont to purchase a horse. While he was gone she took a stand for what she wanted. Sarah moved into the barn, and she made it into a house. Louise had less courage...