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Thesis and Support

Looks Can be Deceiving

We live in a society where our judgments and views are based on outward appearances. People in today's world do not put in the time or the effort to delve deep into the minds of those around them. The world today is superficial and as a result of that we are always judging people on their appearance and not the depths of their intelligence or personality. People don't bother talking to a person that doesn't look the way their mind wants them to appear. That prejudice instilled at some level in all of us will cost us more friendships and memories because our judgment of how someone looks makes many decisions for us.

The people we judge the quickest are homeless. Our eyes see their raggedy appearance and our minds instantly tell us all of the negative qualities this person may possess.

An example of this misplaced judgment is Lars Eighner. The first thing that anyone would associate with Lars is that he is a lazy guy who is begging for extras and only survives from scrounging around dumpsters for whatever food he can find. Those opinions couldn't be further from the truth. Lars is a man that defies all preconceived judgments about him. Many people would view Lars and think of him as a dirty guy in the street where raggedy clothes taking whatever he can from anyone. Despite being homeless there is intelligence and a high set of morals behind the dirty guy everyone sees.

Intelligence can be defined in many ways and most people don't define someone homeless as intelligent. Through his experiences dumpster diving Lars Eighner "has become a rather accomplished needleworker" (373). He takes the unfinished needlework of women that they have thrown...