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Douglas Purdon is a man who wears many hats. He is well-known as a

painter, a writer and also as a teacher. The majority of his life has

been devoted to developing his painting talents however. Purdon in fact

has been quoted as saying 'I can't remember not having a pencil and

paper.' This paper will examine the various artistic talents of Purdon

as well as some of the design elements and principles used in his works.

Purdon's initial experiences in the Arts were not very well received. As

early as Grade 1, he was labelled a rebel by his teacher for 'not coloring

between the lines'. His first report card commented that ' Douglas lacks

co-ordination and artistic ability'. ([

] However, he persevered throughout his formative

years and finally in 1992 graduated from the Ontario College of Art, in

Fine Arts. It was also at this stage of his life that he decided to devote

his energies full time to reaching his dream of becoming a painter.

Over the course of his career, Purdon has received many prestigious

awards. In 1998 he was elected to the Society of Canadian Artists. He is

also a professional member of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. His

works can be viewed at many of the most famous studios in North America.

These include Studio 737, Tweed, Ontario; Barber Gallery, Guelph,

Ontario; Arnold Art - Newport RI. USA; ARTredSPOT, Westport, CT., USA; and

Kranenburg & Fowler - Oban, Scotland. Doug also has paintings that are

in private and corporate collections in Canada, US and Britain.

Purdon has also distinguished himself as a writer. In 1998 he wrote Color

Secrets-North light Publications. Although no longer in publication,

North light has reprinted selected chapters in Keys to Painting -...