Down to the Wire

Essay by xmunpietru December 2004

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The odds were immediately against the blues but despite being one player down, they immediately made their presence felt with a volley of shots at the goal, but their attacks came to nothing as shot after shot failed to find the back of the net. This shook the whites back into action, who until then seemed to be taking a nap. Thanks to some fine attacking spirit, the whites were the ones to draw first blood and it wasn't long until they were already up by 4 goals. At that point the blues seemed to be out of the running and were finding it hard to get back in the game, the ball hitting the post on a number of occasions.

Although the game seemed to be heading for a good trashing the blues were down but not out of the match. The whites soon got complacent with the score margin and lost concentration so the blues started pushing forward with renewed dynamism.

It's in bad times, not good ones that true character emerges. The blues' never say die attitude was finally rewarded with their first goal. More followed from both ends until the match was back on level.

Man of the match Melvin Pellicano provided most of the blues' firepower, with one spectacular shot that brought back memories (to those who were alive at the time!) of Geoff Hurst's goal against Germany in the World Cup Final of 1966. The ball hit the cross-bar, went clearly in (no need for moviola this time!) and came back out.

The few but avid supporters watching the game (no Bud!) from the stands wouldn't have said it was just a friendly match, as both teams were fighting it out to the bitter end. The teams continued neck and neck...