The Downfall of Desdemona and Emilia

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Lakeisha Fontanez

COM 1102 - Fall I 2014

October 1, 2014

Dr. J. Parla Palumbo

Week 5

The Downfall of Desdemona and Emilia

In the play "Othello", by William Shakespeare, there are two major feminine figures that attract our attention; Desdemona, the bride of the play's tragic hero-Othello, and Emilia, the wife of one of the greatest villains of all time- Iago. Although they are comparable in their honor and loyalty to their husbands, there is also a sharp contrast between these women is realized with regard to Desdemona's innocence and idealism and Emilia's experience and realism and their perceptions of reality.

Desdemona and Emilia are loyal women who want nothing more than to please their husbands. Both are wives of men who take charge. Their husbands are not just ordinary men in the Venetian army; they are men who hold high positions with honor and value.

Desdemona's husband, Othello is a General in the army with men under his control and Emilia's husband, Iago is the ancient (standard-bearer) of Othello. Both women show honor and respect to their husbands Othello and Iago-doing just about anything that their husband's ask for. Because Iago knows these women are so loyal to them, he is able to create chaos and confusion to Othello and Desdemona and Emilia play right into his master plan of destruction.

Desdemona and Othello have a relationship that is based on true love, and want nothing more than to be happy. This is the reason why Desdemona obeys Othello, even eventually becoming a unique victim of male dominance. After the deceptive seed had been planted by Iago, Othello believes that Desdemona is lewd and has been unfaithful to him; therefore Desdemona wants to pacify his concerns of her loyalty and tries to...