The downfall of Macbeth

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The main character in the play "Macbeth', written by William Shakespeare, wasMacbeth. In the play, Macbeth suffered a failure in the end with his wife Lady Macbeth. The cause of it was mainly his overwhelming ambitions and greed. Macbeth's main intention was plotting to be King of Scotland and removing obstacles said to be harmful to him in the prophecies. Such intention had brought himself to end in the tragedy.

Macbeth, when first introduced in the play as a Scottish general and the thane of Glamis. He was a brave soldier, but lacking in virtue. He was not satisfied with what he had. Macbeth was loyal to the king, Duncan. At the same time, he was desiring to take the throne. He beleived that he is capable taking the throne, afterall, he had done so many deeds. He would seize the throne no matter what it takes.

With both the encouragement and pressuring of Lady Macbeth, and the witches' prophecies, he murdered Duncan. He never expected that there's more to come in his the way

to the throne, as means of for him to commit more murders until all obstacles are gone and the throne is secure. Killing one after another was stepping stones to the throne for Macbeth.An example would be a man trying to cut all the tress in a forest. It's impossible to eliminate all obstacles because there'll be always more coming.

Macbeth's feelings of desire were raised in the hearing of the witches' prophecies. They foretelled in a way that he will assumed he'll take the throne. What he wasn't aware of was that, he was being tricked, and the witches were just trying to drove him to become evil and overconfidence. Being overconfidenced, he...