The Downfall of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Mozart is still recognized as one of the greatest musicians of all times, but his lack of discipline as a child led to his downfall. The pinnacle of Mozart's success ended at an early age, but even earlier, he was thought to be a melodious mastermind. For such a gifted man with such a caring father, he made many terrible decisions throughout his life. Mozart's unpopularity was caused by his musical genius. Though greatly appreciated today, in his time, the pieces he performed were very divisive.

Touring Europe as a child, the young and talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was observed to be a musical mastermind because of his gifts as a piano player and as a composer. He traveled around Europe with his father, Leopold Mozart, and his sister, Maria Anna, who was also a child prodigy. Wolfgang began writing his own music at a very young age: at the age of four, Mozart wrote his first concerto, age seven, his first symphony, and at age 12, his first opera, which is said to be "Apollo et Hyacinthus." After performing an opera, "La Finta Semplice" (The Simple Pretense), at the palace of the Archbishop of Salzburg, he was appointed concertmaster. Moreover, Mozart never made copies of his work. He would simply hear music in his head, and write it down, making no corrections. This ingenious gift, made him a bit to cocky for his own good.

Though he was given opportunities many would dream for, he was a very careless and somewhat a smug chap. Much of his pride led him to his money problems. He believed he should be given jobs without questioning. He was unwilling to apply for a position; he thought he was the best man for the job. Also, Mozart was to some extent...