The Downfalls of Socialized Medicine

Essay by RobStone April 2004

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With the insanely high costs of prescription drugs and the 44 million Americans without health care, Americans have started to demand that the Government provide health care to them. The problem is clear and solutions have been laid out on the table. The only problem is that socialization of the medical industry is the only option getting publicity from the media and from the majority of politicians. Once socialized, it will eliminate the private medical field, and people will have a lack of options for doctors and hospitals that they would normally go to.

The reason why this system will not work is because it is against the values and ideas that this country was founded on. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor seems like a novel idea, but in all cases when people get things for free, why would they ever want to attempt to pay for it themselves? Keith Jones, a Collections Agent at CNAC, says "I really feel everyone has the right to medical care regardless of their ability to pay.

It should also be the same level of care that someone who could afford it would get" (Jones). When asked, Todd Sneath, Sales Manager at JD Byrider what he thought of Socialized medicine, he replied "It's necessary, truly necessary" (Sneath). It's clear the average working Americans want this system, but are they aware of how much it will cost them and the downfalls of the system? The enormous amount of funding it would cost just to pay for the illegal aliens that would receive health care would be unfathomable. If Americans were more informed about their government, they would be forced to make better decisions concerning the average American.

When Americans were informed about how socialization of medicine would make for a lack...