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It does not matter which internet browser one uses, the basic process to download files and or programs is the same. This paper will walk the reader through the step by step process of downloading LimeWire for the use of sharing music files and express a few personal experiences outlining the advantages and disadvantages of using software downloads from the internet.

LimeWire Download•Connect to internet browser, for use in this demonstration access Mozilla Firefox.

•Enter into Mozilla Firefox address bar and tap the enter key.

•Choose from either the download tab at the top of the screen or the "Get it Now" button located in the middle of the web page. For our purposes we will use the download tab. Note that either option will bring you to the page in which you must choose which version to install.

•Click the "Get Basic" button on the right side of your screen; it should be a large green button.

•You will be asked to choose which platform you are using. The available options are; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Other Systems. For this demonstration choose Windows.

•A pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to save this file. Your available options are; Save File or Cancel. Click Save File.

•A downloads window should appear. Click Open to continue.

•You will be asked to choose a language. Select English.

•You should now see a welcome screen advising you that you are about to download LimeWire 4.18.3. Click Next.

•The LimeWire setup window appears asking where you would like to have the program files located. For our purposes we will allow the destination folder to automatically populate to the C\Program Files\LimeWire\. This screen also lets us know the space required and the space available in the destination...