Dr. Atkins diet. A short essay on the Atkins diet compared to the Hollywood diet. Plus Dr. Atkins four phase strategy and four nutritional principles to lose weight.

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As I read through the Dr. Atkins diet, I am beginning to see many excellent things. They have many ways for you to stay on track and be able to do a step-by-step weight loss. This weight loss program is unlike many other weight loss programs. Just reading over this, you are able to see that they are really trying to help you lose weight and be healthier. They have different steps and principals to help walk you through their program such as the four-phase strategy and the four nutritional principals.

The four-phase strategy is a four-step process that will teach you a healthier way of eating, making continuous changes in order for you to reach your desired weight. Once you have reached your desired weight, you will be able to control your eating habits and be able to keep that weight off. The four-phase strategy is induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and lifetime maintenance.

The Dr. Atkins diet also has four nutritional principals to help people reach their health standards. They are weight loss, weight maintenance, good health and disease prevention. If you stick to these four principals, you will be able to look and feel your best.

I think that the best part of the Atkins diet has to be the advice and the inspiration that they give you. They do this by giving you different tips every day of how you can feel better about yourself and ways to help you maintain a certain weight. Another way they inspire you is by posting other people's personal stories about how they lost weight using this dieting program. I think that by reading other people's personal stories, it really inspires you to do something about the way you feel about yourself.

I think that this is a great...