Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Does playing video games affect children? Some vide games are not violent and contain no weapons, while others have a lot of violence and can cause damange to the child.

This violence could influince the child in ways that would make him want to repeat it. He/She could bring a weapon to school, church, or some place thinking it was no big deal when actually, it is. This could result in major consequences or punishment. Sooner or later the child could grow onto it, and it could become a habit to harm a friend when not thinking about it, or hurting a stranger, and laughing it off.

Sure, it couldn't be that dangerous to young kids, right? Wrong. All kids, young and old, could be affected by violence in video games. Statistics show it has a bigger affect on older kids, but it still affects the younger ones as well.

In conclusion, violence in video games can harm your children, influince them to repeat this behavior outside of the video game, or to cause the child to harm another person. The violence in video games must be reduced in amount so that it wont have so much of an impact on the child. Without the violence, children in economy could be better as a whole.