Dr. Martin Luther King is an important figure of black history,

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Dr. Martin Luther King is an important figure of black history, he was the winner of the Nobel peace prize in 1964, and he wrote one of the most important speeches in history called "I have a dream". This speech was given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Dr. King, using religious language and "the Gettysburg Address" of Lincoln, is trying to stop all the racial injustices that were happening in those years over the color race. I think that this speech is pretty well written, it has a lot of good things to talk about and I think that Dr. King did good job writing and showing the people what he thought.

Dr. King opens his speech referring to one of the most important figures that the American History has, Abraham Lincoln. King using him as symbol of liberty said "five scores years ago" Lincoln signed this valuable paper in which decree that all the Negros have Freedom, this day was one the most important days of black history.

One hundred years later, according to King, the Negro was still not frees. The Negro still lives in poverty, segregated by the population. King tells us how the Negros were expecting freedom after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, but one hundred years later the Negros were still not free, they were still living in the same or worst conditions that they were living one hundred years before.

Dr. King next points out that they have come to the nation's Capital to cash a check. He said that the persons who wrote the beautiful words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signing a promise; a promise which all the America's sons have the same rights, the same liberty, and the same right to reach...