Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Support Nonviolence!. I agree that violence is not useful. There are many domestic and school violence going on.

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Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. describes why violence is not a way to settle a problem. King argues that you are only humiliating or physically win the opponent if you use violence but not winning their understanding. I agree that violence is not useful no matter what the situation is. Our hope, our future are depend on our next generations, which are our children, kids, and teenagers. If they experience a lot of violence now, they will grow up to be violent. In order to have a nonviolence future, something needs to be change to reduce domestic and school violence.

Most adults are giving bad influences to children about violence. Parents sometime use violence on their children depends on what cultures they are. Chinese parents would beat up their kids if they do something wrong. For example, when I was young, if I did not finish my homework on time, my father slapped me on my face.

I remember one time my little brother, Andy, was begging my dad to buy him a comic book when we were waiting for a table in a restaurant. My dad said no to my brother's request because he already had a lot. Then, Andy started to cry during that time. My dad was so angry and slapped Andy right in front of other people around us. No one said a word even though I knew they wanted to tell my father that wasn't a right way to teach Andy. My father was so upset that he slapped Andy but that is the only way to keep Andy stop crying. In Chinese culture, parents punish their kids when they do something wrong. I remember back then Andy was only seven years old and he had to learn to behave in a hard way.