Dr. Phil: A Disturbing Episode on Sexual Abuse

Essay by sardiddle April 2006

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Recently, an episode of Dr. Phil aired which addressed the issue of sexual molestation. It was different from other shows about molestation, in that they normally address the sexual abuse being perpetrated by a stranger, parent, or extended family member. In this case the perpetrator was the oldest of five children, Mikai, 19.

Brad and Kenda are married and have five children; four boys, Mikai being the oldest, and one girl, the youngest. Both parents work and take care of the children. Brad and Kenda came to Dr. Phil with worries about their son being a sexual predator. There have been many accusations from different aged girls over the past several years that had led them to this conclusion. Most of all, they were worried that Mikai has been molesting their daughter. When they first became suspicious of Mikai's relationship with his sister, they set up a "two brother rule" under which no one brother could be alone with the little girl at any time.

When they first became aware of the inappropriate sexual behavior between Mikai and these girls, they began monitoring his internet access to prevent him from harassing more potential victims. Later on in the show, with the knowledge that Mikai is a pathological liar, he was given a polygraph test. The results showed that he was engaging in the sexual assault of his sister, as well as other girls. Both of his parents had a look of disgust on their faces upon receiving these results. Mikai still tried to deny these accusations even though the polygraph test was administered by a world renowned expert. Dr. Phil told Mikai that he needed to own what he has done and be accountable for it. Mikai responded by admitting that he had sexually molested his sister once Later,