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The creative genius of Theodor Seuss Geisel, respectively "Dr. Seuss" so evident in his numerous and world-renowned children's stories, out pours from a lifetime of inspirations, persistence, along with a great passion for every story he wrote and each character he created. This great Doctor set fourth a milestone in Children's literature with his vivacious anecdotes told in a language of which children can relate, yet so precise that even the most educated can appreciate a "Cat in the Hat" or a "One Fish Two Fish..." rhyme from time to time. The lasting impact Dr. Seuss's writing and illustrations had on story telling is with out a doubt great, and aside from the sing song rhythm of his tales, Ted Seuss Geisel remains a fascinating study all on his own.

Born in March of 1904 to parents of German origin, Theodor Seuss Geisel spent his childhood in Springfield, Massachusetts, with a mother and father providing him with a very stable home, financially and emotionally.

("Theodor..." 75) Once in high school, Seuss found a passion for art, and the art of creating unrealistic, off the wall characters. In fact his high school art teacher criticized Seuss's doodles stating, "You will never learn to dra, Theodor. Why don't you just skip this class for the rest of the term". (qtd in "Dr. Seuss..") I highly ascertain that individual deeply regrets such remarks, and rightfully so.

After high school, Geisel enrolled in Dartmouth, which provided him with an opportunity to edit a humor magazine Jack-O-Lantern and utilized numerous cartoons using the same bizarre animals he later became infamous for. ("Dr. Seuss" 2) His fascination with cartooning and writing led him to attend Oxford in hopes of an English major to better perfect his writing. Seuss, soon turned off from the dryness of English...