Dr. Weil's Theory of Natural Health

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Dr. Andrew Weil's Natural Health, Natural Medicine is a must have for every home. Not only does Dr. Weil provide information with which you can keep your body's inherent healing system in peak working order as you encounter the challenges of day-to-day life; he also shows you how to construct a lifestyle that will protect you from premature illness and disability. He teaches practices and skills that will enable one to prepare for any eventual health crisis.

With clearly explained and authoritatively informed recommendations, Dr. Weil guides you in fine-tuning your current eating habits - to eat less fat and animal protein, more whole grains and other complex carbohydrates, and more fruits and vegetables - so that your diet becomes more nutritious and increasingly beneficial to general health. He also includes simple, flavorful recipes to help make the dietary changes quick and easy. He shows how walking and stretching will satisfy all your exercise requirements throughout your life, and provides a gradual plan by which you can make brisk walks and simple stretches part of your weekly regimen.

Dr. Weil recommends the addition of four antioxidant supplements - vitamins C and E, selenium, and mixed carotenes - to further protect your healing system. He provides instruction in basic breathing exercises that can impart both greater relaxation and energy. Weil expands on the benefits and techniques of visualization. He explains ways to overcome sleeping problems; to test and filter your water supply; to eliminate toxins from your diet; and to avoid environmental hazards such as the sun's ultraviolet rays. He suggests ways to make art, music, and the natural world more important parts of your life. For those who wish to experiment further, he outlines several projects and activities such as cleansing fasts. Natural Health, Natural Medicine is both comprehensive...