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Dracula Dracula is a novel written by the British Author Bram Stoker. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1847. He wrote his most famous novel Dracula in 1897. A continuation of the Dracula novel Dracula's Guest was published twenty-five years after his death in 1937. This famous book was made into a movie starring Bela Lugosi in the title role. It was a role that launched his career in movies. However, in 1922 a silent film called Nosferatu was made about the vampire. The character of Count Dracula was modeled after a real person that lived in the 1400s in Walachia, a region south of Transylvania. He was a prince named Vlad Tepes who committed hundreds of savage murders and thought to be a vampire. His nickname was Dracula, which in Romanian means son of the devil or son of a dragon.

A vampire is someone who rises from the dead at night and roams the countryside in search of victims so he can drink their blood to survive.

The victims die and become vampires themselves. Crucifixes and garlic are said to repel the creatures along with Holy water. Sunlight or a wooden stake through the heart will destroy a vampire. These ideas have come from folklore that originated in eastern European and Balkan countries such as Albania, Greece, Hungary, and Romania. In the 1600 - 1800s people in Europe went around digging up graves looking for vampires.

In Bram Stoker's novel Dracula the main character is an evil nobleman from Transylvania who travels to England in search of new victims. He moves in next door to beautiful mina Murray and Lucy Westerna. He kills Lucy and then proceeds to slowly take Mina's life. He is discovered for what he is a vampire and the famous vampire...