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Elitism is the belief that a group of people have a higher status in society. The elite seem to be given special treatment because they are the best of the best. Throughout the story of Dracula, elitism is shown and plays a role in the capturing of Dracula.

The first sign of elitism is shown when Van Helsing, Sewerd, Quincy and Godalming hire a locksmith to break into one of the houses which they suspect have a connection with Dracula.

With their appearance, the people in town, especially the cops, do not think anything of them when they see them on the steps of the house. "My title will make it all right with the locksmith, and with any policeman that may come along."(316) Had they seen a local, middle or lower class person, they probably would have asked for identification and what reason they had for being at the house attempting to break-in or just standing on the porch.

Another sign of elitism is brought up when Jonathan goes to Picadilly to see about the house that also has a connection with Dracula. This house has been sold and Jonathan asks one of the house agents to whom it was sold to and any other information he could supply. Of course, since this is confidential information, the man was not easily willing to say anything about the matter. Jonathan then hands him a card that clearly states he is working with Lord Godalming.

The agent suddenly supplies Jonathan with anything he can do to help Lord Godalming. "It will be a pleasure if we can so far deviate from our rules as to give the required information to his lordship."(282) Without the status of Godalming, the agent would not have provided any answers...