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Dracula As Bram Stoker's greatest masterpiece, Dracula is a frighteningly descriptive novel that appeals to readers of all interests. Dracula is written as a compilation of journal entries, diary entries, letters, and excerpts from newspapers.

Count Dracula is a Transylvanian nobleman who, on the eve of St. George's Day, transforms into a satanic monster with an unquenchable bloodlust. Jonathan Harker, a lawyer assigned to complete the transaction for the Count in his home relocation to London, writes daily in his journal of his seemingly jailed visit to the castle of Dracula. The weeks following Jonathan Harker's departure from the castle, cases of vampirism are reported as Count Dracula is pinpointed as a vampire and continues to wreak havoc upon the Trnasylvanian and English countrysides. Affecting Jonathan Harker, his family, and his close friends, the wrath of Dracula is one that must be put to an end.

Dracula was an extremely entertaining novel due to the graphic nature involving the secret practice of vampirism.

In many instances of the story, much suspense created by Bram Stoker is overwhelming. Much symbolism is used to add to the intense dramatic tone of the story, with the use of wolves, bats, fire, and heavy fog every time Dracula is near. One particular scene of the novel that reveals the talent of the author and increases interst involves an interaction between Jonathan Harker and Count Dracula.

During Harker's stay at Dracula's castle, he is shaving in the bathroom and Dracula mysteriously arrives and startles Harker that results to cutting himself with the razor. Through the mirror that Harker was using to shave, he sees that Dracula has no reflection. The blood from the wound causes Dracula to lunge forth with restrain, holding back from vicitmizing a potential meal, also throwing the mirror...