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Count Dracula (by Bram Stocker) Summary: This story began with a came of Jonathan Harker to Transylvania to the castle of count Dracula who hire him to buy a house in England, so Jonathan came to Dracula with papers about.

Jonathan leave England and left there Mina, the girl he was going to marry.

Then Jonathan came to the castle count Dracula asked him to stay in his castle for a few days. Dracula ordered him not to go to the Western side and not to enter locked doors.

In the beginning, Jonathan did what the count ordered him, but one night, while walking in the castle he entered to a room with 3 beautiful ladies that started to attack him. But then came the count and saved him. He told to these women: "I guard him until I have no further use for him".

In that night Jonathan realized that Dracula were a vampire.

After that night he started to think how to escape out, but then Dracula ordered him to write a letter that he is on his way home, and in that night Dracula take Jonathan closes and sent this letter. After a day Jonathan saw Dracula leaving the castle, and he heard the voice of 3 women coming to suck his blood...

Mina Murray was pretty girl, but her friend Lucy Westenra was beautiful. Mina was a girl that Jonathan was going to marry. Lucy was so beautiful that everyone want to have her. But she most likes Jack Seward and his friend Arthur Holmewood. While Jonathan was with Dracula the two girls were on holiday, and then a strange ship arrived near the beach, there was no one there except strange boxes. In that night Mina Find Lucy vary ill, so she called Jack, then...