Dracula Justifying biting Mina Murray

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My dear friends do not be mislead by the false truth those men of England have filled your head with. I am a good man, and I have always been so.

I fought many rough and bloody battles in the name of my country and my kingdom. I have been fair to the poor and honorable to the wealthy. For all my integrity I had expected a content long life with my beloved wife, but it was no so. God had without a cause turned his back on me, and my dear wife had taken her life. If it was my destiny that should I suffer, the humankind shall suffer with me.

And so it was, countless generations were passing and I had turned cold hearted and filled with fury. There had been nothing left for me, or so I thought.

But than my fate had unexpectedly changed when I met Mina, and she knew that I had been waiting for her.

It was the power of love and hate that had brought us together, my vast love for her and the hate I felt for her kind. It was the same love and hate that I felt which drew me to intentionally show Mina the world that had so much more to offer, possessions she in her ordinary life might never even dream of. Mina was to be my queen and the ruler of my heart, she had chosen so at her own will.

I gently bit her soft neck and felt my life force being transferred into her body. I knew that soon she was to become like me, some one superior and indestructible.

My intentions were never to cause her any harm or do her any wrong, and she knew so herself. She pleaded for my help from those mortal beasts, she wanted to be set free.

Although my charms may have brought Mina into my arms, it was our profound spiritual connection that had really brought us together. But it was her physical mortal body that had been holding her down and it made her weak, she needed my eternal blood of life and I had no other choice but to offer it to her. It was her only salvation.

Those foolish men had thought otherwise, with so little understanding they had come to a conclusion that I had captivated Mina just as another prey to provide for my thirst of blood and other shameful interests. But they had been selfish and misjudged my generous actions.

My intentions were not to take Mina's life, but by piercing her neck and giving her my blood, she would forever have immortal life superior to any human. I believe that I had given her a great gift of extraordinary life and happiness.

So what crime have I committed in doing so, why was I hunted down like a beastly animal? After all the good intentions I had for this woman.

I wanted to prove to the world and those ignorant people that by working together and setting aside our differences we as one race would have no limits as to what we might be able to achieve.

Mina was to be the start of my new race of superior human kind. I wanted to do good for those people, but instead they have misunderstood me and brought me down.

I never had a chance to prove them that I meant good, as upon seeing how Mina had become immortal, I was automatically assumed to be of wicked doing.

Why had I been thought to be wicked when I had planned to give so many humans new superior lives? Did nations enjoy getting sick, going through pain and eventually death? I think not. Yet again what crimes have I committed the crime of good will and justice?