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Outstanding is the one word I would use to describe TCCS version of Dracula. I really liked everything about the play. I have seen several seen several plays, and I do believe Dracula was actually on my top five list. Growing up I took acting classes for several years at Casa Manana, so I know quite a bit about plays and how the Theatre experience is supposed to be. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the experience seeing Dracula.

As far as the acting is concerned Reinfield was my absolute favorite character. I liked him so much because he played the part excellent. In my opinion, Reinfield's character in Dracula would be the most difficult to cast for. The way he had to switch from one emotion to another was brilliant. Although he was my favorite, there wasn't a one actor that was lacking in their performance, all of the cast worked together very well.

TCCS and the Drama department did a really good job casting the roles in Dracula.

If I'm not mistaken from what I remember reading about Dracula, the play followed very closely. The costumes were really impressive as well as the scenery. I enjoyed their use of the props and how all the scenes were set up on stage, but the lighting kept you focused on only one scene. All in all Dracula was a great experience. The only thing I might have changed was the audience noise, but I think that occurs with all theatre.