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If your country called upon you, would you answer? Rumors have been going

around that the draft might be reinstated. However to think they should draft poor

and lower-middle class people as well as uneducated people is just another

uneducated decision in itself. According to the United States Census Bureau, all

military aged men have an equal chance of being drafted.

Some believe that because they have a lot of money to throw around that they

are more important than everyone else and sending the "lower class" and

"uneducated" people to the battlefield is the answer. Others believe that if you live

by the rules, you can die by the rules. The draft, in itself, is very questionable

constitutionally. As in Vietnam, the vast majority of the troops will be made up of

the middle class and the poor, because they lack the financial resources to "buy

their way out".

The rich will claim college waivers and obligations that prevent

them from doing their duty as an American citizen. They may also likely receive

community service along with those that are physically unable to serve.

Another example of Vietnam, people who do not want to be there will make

"bad soldiers". Chaos and uncontrolled killing will ensue. The state of mind,

"Why do I have to be here", will run rampant among disillusioned troops whom

this country relies upon to fight its battles. Nothing in life can prepare you for war,

nothing in life compares to the experiences of fighting an action like the world


Troop levels and resources are maxed out with military interventions around

the globe, primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq. More and more military age males

avoiding the military. The men and women that are now in active military service

are not going to be...