Draft of Marketing Planning

Essay by quynhgiang March 2010

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Name: Ton

Subject: Draft of Marketing Planning

Date: October 28, 2009


A. Explain the different processes and techniques

The Manor House Country Club Hotel, which operate in hotel industry in Singapore. However, operation of the company has some great changes, especially; the company will has new Chief Executive. Therefore, the purpose is to help him understand clearly about the company, so as role of consultant, I will suggest the ways to help him to understand about marketing environment of the MHCCH.

In order to understanding about organizational capability, the company can use SWOT analysis to perform organizational audit. SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing organization and its environment. SWOT technique emphasis on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. Strengths and weaknesses mention about internal factor of organization, so that strengths and weaknesses is more focus on people and company that is helpful and harmful to achieving objective of organization, such as capability about finance of the company, or whether or not enough people who have capability to perform objective of organization.

Opportunities and threats mention about external factors, they are more focus on external conditions that are helpful and damage to achieving objectives of organization, such as economic situation of a country, or new entrant may be arise . There are some reasons that explain why the MHCCH should use SWOT technique to implement organizational audit. The first reason is that it will help the company to identify what is strengths of the company, from that the company can take advantage of them to exploit strictly, the purpose is that the company can avoid waste capability about people and physical of the company; besides, it also help the company to discover what is their weaknesses, from that the company can adapt and improve them, the purpose...