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Dragons I like dragons quite a bit as you can probably tell from the shirts and other clothing that I wear. All together I have one black light poster, one small statue a pair of pants, shorts, and a lot of shirts that have dragons on them. In my report I will go over the brief history of dragons and how they struggled to survive because of the Knights and other dragons. I will also explain the anatomy of a dragon and also the different types of dragons.

The dragons had a very hard time surviving as long as they did and all of this was mainly because of all the Knights that had to slay them. Even though most of the dragons could breathe fire, over half of them were kind and didn't like fighting others. Of course the Knights didn't care about any of them so they went ahead and killed them anyway.

The dragon race started I think after the dinosaurs became extinct, this makes some sense, but I can't figure out how they came to be.

For the dragons anatomy all that I could find was the exterior part of it. All that I can say then is that on the outside part of a dragon they have two eyes, a tail, a pair of wings, four legs, a head of course, nostrils, two ears, two horns, and their spine sticks out in parts for some pretty decent protection. Some dragons consist of the body of a snake, wings, claws of a lion, and a crocodile's head, but this is mainly in the Eastern Dragons.

The different types of dragons are classified into three species. There are the dark dragons, which are very mean. The bright dragons, which are nice. And there are the Metallic dragons, which are in between. The Dark Dragons consist of the colors black, red, and brown. The Bright Dragons are blue, green, and yellow. The Metallic Dragons are silver, gold, and all of the other metallic colors. There are also three classes of dragons. They are the Lesser Class, they are wild beasts, their language is a primitive roar, and they have no technology. The Mid-Class are intelligent, skilled, and friendly. Their language is any of the human languages, and they have all of the technologies. The Greater Class is the Mystics; their language and technology are highly advanced to ours. Many Mystical Dragons have orbs in their grasps. The orb is the dragon's source of powers. Many Evil Dragons have a human skull either near it or in it's claws, this is to ward off any intruders and let them know their not welcome.

There are also several other types of dragons; they depend on where they are from though. There's the Western Dragon, which was mistakenly thought to be bloodthirsty and all they ever did was hoard treasures in their lairs.

There are the Eastern Dragons too. These are Elemental Dragons, they are: The Tien-Lung, who is the protector of the gods; Shen-Lung, who controls the wind and the rain; Ti-Lung, who controls thew rivers and can walk on Earth; Fut's-Lung, who is the guardian of the underworld; and Chien-Lang, who is the commander of all rivers.

There is also the Wyrm. These Dragons are pretty much very large snakes; they don't have any wings, legs, or arms. They go clear back to the Ancient times and are also known as the Guivre.

The Pernese Dragons are the "˜"˜pet dragons''. When they hatch they pick out their owner. The owner then has the ability to ride the dragon like a car, but if one of them should die the other just wastes away until they die too.

The Sea Serpents I don't think should really be classified as dragons. They live in any type of water, the most famous sea serpent that I can think of is Leviathan. Leviathan can control the waters he lives in and can get rid of anyone intruding on him.

The Hydra is a 6-9 headed dragon from Greek Mythology. It has a pair of wings, a speared tail, and each head has a speared tongue. It also has 4 legs.

The Faerie Dragons are the most peaceful of all the dragons. They are very small and have the wings of a butterfly. They are very rare due to their size.

The Drakes are by far the best dragons; at least that's what I think. The Drake is a Western type dragon; the only difference is it only has 4 legs and no wings. There are two types of Drakes. There is the FireDrake, which has the ability to breathe fire and it's red. There is also the Cold Drake, who has the ability to breathe ice and they are blue.

Over all I think the dragons are the best animals around, even if they aren't real. The dragons go clear back to ancient times and even farther than that, but I think they are even more popular now.