Drama unit 2 coursework portfolio. it covers all the areas of study for homelessness and refugees

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Drama Coursework- Unit 2.

For my portfolio unit 2 i shall be writing about homelessness and refugees.

Area of Study 1- Character & Context.

One example of characters taken from real life was a young male refugee called Adriatik. His life started out normally as a school boy in his homeland and then it changed for the worst. Firstly his school closed down, and he was involved in a protest against the closure of his school. He was arrested and was kept under custody, where the police deprived him and his friends of food and water and he was beaten. They were released and Adriatik was sent back home with no education. Him and his friends decided to find a better life elsewhere and left their homeland.

Our task was to show any part of the article using a conscience alley at the point where Adriatik was about to flee his homeland with his friend.

The class was small, as some people didn't turn up that day, so we decided to work as a whole group of six people. We decided on what parts we would like to have shown and who was going to be which characters.

The police controlling the protest were Levi and Lee. The protestors were Theo, Phillip and me. Phillip was Adriatik. Me and Theo were Adriatik's friends. Chantelle was the narrator reading out the article. We decided to show the protest scene, the scene inside the police station and the scene where his friends came for him. The rest of the parts we read out using a narrator. The conscience alley had two sides; one was the side advising Adriatik to leave with his friends the other was advising him to stay. Once Phillip got to the end he decided that Adriatik, his character,