The Dreadful Afternoon Report.

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The Dreadful Afternoon Report

August 25th/1987

Today I was called to go to work 11:00 in the morning. I had my breakfast and left in my car to go to the Social Services Corp. When I was driving I nearly rammed into another Vehicle because the roads were so wet and muddy because it rained for the last 3 days. I pulled in the parking lot around 11:25. After I got my briefcase and my files all together I got out my black umbrella and I locked the car, and headed to the front gate. It took me around 5 minutes to get to my office and get settled down. I got a call on my cell-phone. (ring-ring) It was my supervisor She was advising me to go to 264 Brooks Lane to conduct a complaint concerning two children being left unattended.

By this time it was around 12:00P.M. (Lunch time) And I was hungry.

I hurriedly ate my lunch while I gathered my stuff all together. I was on the bottom floor (the lobby) and ran outside in the rain and got my keys out and I opened my car door and put my stuff on my passenger seat while I was getting my car going. I noticed the gas was low so I decided to go to the gas station once I got the vehicle going.

(Brum... the car went as I got it going) I looked at my watch and it was around 12:15P.M. After I got the car going I went to the gas station (which was two blocks down the road) Sure glad I made it. After I got the car full of gas I went to 264 Brooks Lane.

As I entered the muddy driveway, I had to be careful of the...