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Michel Davidson was on a trip to his grama's house in Brazil. He was flying a jet, which he had bought two years ago after winning a very good amount of money in a competition that they held on an island. The point of the competition was to survive for one month on the island. They did not give him any resources during this time and he could not have any human contact unless he wanted to quit.

It had been an hour since he had departed from California. He was flying overseas now. The big blue sky seemed empty with no clouds to adorn it. It seemed like a big mirror under him reflecting the sky above. This made him feel like he was flying between two skies, one above him and the other under him. Beneath him a carpet of water expanded as far as his eyes could see.

Tired of seeing water, he closed his eyes, and started to think about how good life had been to him. Before now, he would have never imagined that he one day would become rich. Now he was aboard his own jet. Moments later he felt the jet tremble. Shortly afterwards the aircraft started to fall. Something had gone terribly wrong. He looked for something strong and held on tightly. The jet fell for what seemed along time, but it was only a few minutes. Before long, the jet crashed and everything went dark. He lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he got out of the jet and studied his surroundings. He was in a jungle. Michel searched for his pilot, but could not find any trace of him. Michel directed his gaze at the sky and induced that it was about noon. The jungle was very dense...