A Dream Deferred

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Some of us have many dreams while we sleep, ranging throughout the numerous times of the night. An analytical individual might wonder what just happens to these dreams that delightfully entertain us while we are in a state of slumber. In a poem, ?A Dream Deferred?, Langston Hughes uses vivid description and the imagination of the reader?s own mind to create a sense of what happens to the fulfillment of a dream. The uses of the author?s vivid descriptions, similes, as well as irony, help prove to the reader, that dreams are worth fighting for.

The use of the author?s vivid descriptions helps the reader envision the smiles relating to the dream. It describes these smiles in a form of mostly interrogative statements. The first of many says, ?Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?? A raisin is already dry, and as a raisin, it is a good thing, useful and nutritious, but if a raisin is left in the sun to dry up, it becomes hard and impossible to eat; its value sucked out, it no longer serves its useful, nutritional purpose.

The dream or life goal of a human being is central to what makes the human a valuable member of society, but suppose that person with the dream is told he cannot fulfill his goal just yet; he must wait until society changes, until institutions and laws change to allow him to become the doctor, lawyer, professor, or poet that he finds his talent and desires direct him to be. The description of the raisin, helps bring out the definition of its meaning.

The use of similes is just as important as the author?s use of vivid descriptions. They are the apart of the structure of the vivid descriptions. The similes help...