Dream House

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Walking through the most beautiful wooded area I have ever seen with a mixture of big oak and pine trees, the smell of wild flowers and the sound of birds chirping. As I kept walking I noticed to my left there was a hidden path way. I was kind of scared at first but I thought what the hell, it couldn't hurt. As I walked I noticed far in the distance this spectrum of colors, it seemed to be some kind of building. As I got closer and closer, the colors got brighter. I finally came upon the oak picket fence.

As I walked through the gate there was a pale stoned walkway and to the left of the walkway there was a huge willow tree and a garden of many different flowers with yellows, blues, purples and reds. To my right there was barn with a stallion, it reminded me of the movie black beauty.

About a mile to the right of the barn there was a pond with three ducks swimming and their little babies following quickly behind. Up the pathway which lend to this teal painted house with lots of windows, a burgundy red roof and dark blue trim on the outside and baby blue trim on the inside. The font door was a deep red and above the door trim there was as wooded sun painted in yellow. Surrounding the home was an arrangement of flowers. I walked up to the door and knocked nobody answered. I walked down the path way and sat down under the willow tree and thought to myself this is my dream home.