Dream house

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Ciprian Trejo

PSYC 2301 Spring 2014

Dream House

Will Atenton/Peter Ward

Dissociative Identity Disorder

In the movie Dream House, Daniel Craig portrays a New York editor named Will Atenton. Will recently quit his job, moved to the suburbs, and began to dedicate more of his time with his wife Libby and their two daughters. During what seemed to be a normal night for the family suddenly changed when one of Will's daughters happened to see someone peering through the window. As Will taking his role as the man of the house, he began to do a safety check of their home for anything that might be out of the norm. In doing so, he finds a satanic cult of teenagers in his basement that reveal that a family man named Peter Ward committed heinous murders in the house. A while after this incident Will happened to look through his attic in which caused him to become worried; he was not expecting to find what he did up there.

to He found out that Peter Ward recently got released after five years from Greenhaven Psychiatric Hospital after being said to have murdered his family. Having found this information Will decides to seek more evidence on the topic. He decides to talk to his neighbor from across the street about the information he had acquired about the incident that took place in his home. She refused to give Will any information after he started asking questions that were a little too pervasive. Not having gained the information he sought out for he decides to go to Greenhaven to get the real scoop about Peter Ward. This in turn causes him to disclose that he himself is actually Peter Ward.

After his family was murdered, Peter developed a condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder...