Dream Job Letter

Essay by didieve November 2004

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Eve Marie Gerlando,

9643 NW 16 Street,

Pembroke Pines, FL,


Mr. Greg Cecere

Nova Southeastern Univeristy,

WRIT 2150 - Writing for the Professions,

Davie, FL,


Dear Mr. Cecere,

I am writing to enquire about any director positions within your Customer Service, Personnel or Finance Department. At present I am in my final year at Nova Southeastern University completing a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Administration. I also plan on continuing my education with a Masters Degree in Business as well.

Throughout my degree I have focused my attention on personnel, business organization, finance and management. I have been working for American Express for the past eleven years as a Team Leader and have been working diligently to pursue a director position with a fortune 500 company. Some of my experience which includes but is not limited to employee motivation, commitment to company, excellent customer service, company ethics, salaries, terms and conditions and dissatisfaction factors which affect staff retention.

As you can see from my college transcripts and my resume my course has comprehensively covered the area of Business Management as well as Administration in Management. In each of these areas I have completed individual and group assignments and presentations. The presentation of my dissertation was well received and I achieved an overall mark of 90%. As well as making several effective presentations in my current position at American Express. During this time I have also been encouraged to discuss specific topics during business updates, discussions and team meetings. This has helped me improve my listening skills, verbal communications and negotiation skills as each required participation, to summarize the discussion and conclusions.

My skills have been further developed through my full-time work and leisure activities. My resume demonstrates the variety of work in the Customer Service sector and...