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When a situation becomes dangerous, the mind will figure out a way to make it safer. After the shooting in Platte Valley, many school officials are worried about how the students are handling this event. In "The Windsor Tribune", Chris Casey's article reviews just how chaotic all of these procedures can be. Every single one of the procedures can be a physical and mental strain on the all the school officials and students. The emotional strain was also another big worry that the weld county superintendent had.

When a student has lived through that type of traumatic event, many things can be racing through their mind. Their behavior may change completely after this one event; they may feel as if it is better to be shy so that they do not attract too much attention. The student may do the complete opposite and be very outgoing because they feel as if they have nothing to lose anymore, or they feel invincible.

I believe that the emotional strain that is put on everyone at this time will prevail and prepare us all for a very terrible possibility. I also believe that this emotional strain would be much less than that of someone losing a very close friend that was a victim of yet another school shooting.

My Memory

I had to memorize "The Dreams," a poem written by Eugene Field, for my competition in speech & debate. The first way I tried to memorize it was called "chunking." It is where I would separate the different stanzas so I could learn them separately and then put it all together at the very end. For me, this worked all the way up until I tried to put the entire poem back together. I could not remember what stanza went after the...