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If I could have the perfect man, who would it be? How would he act? What would he look like? The man of my dreams is looked upon his individuality, interests, and physical characteristics.

A man's individuality brings out the character inside of him. He has to have the confidence to do every thing he really wants that sets his adrenaline flowing. He should be a colourful person, which I must say includes his downsides. It would be disliked by me if he would solely talk about himself or if he lacked great sensitivity. A man who turns my dark sides of life into shinny brightness would be a man I seek. My greatest necessity has always been a hygienic environment. I have been fond by men who keep clean, ones who live their lifestyles that suit any humankind unlike animals. My ideal mate would be one who can carry himself with dignity, someone whom the world can look and be in awe of.

Therefore, I would like to meet the man of my dreams whose personality reflects through his greatness for others.

Interests are what a man needs to live, without it he wouldn't be able to survive. I want him to be interested in everything I do, even if he despises them. He should be able to make me laugh at times when I am depressed. Moreover, I would prefer a bunch of cherry red roses from time to time. I would adore it if he could take care of me like a mother who takes care of her baby. He should be madly in love with me because I would not have it any other way. I am totally romantic at heart, so naturally; my ideal mate better be well versed in the art of romance.