The Dreamcatcher by steven king

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One whole year in a hospital bed for Stephen King could only end in a creation of a great book, “The Dreamcatcher”. During Stephen King’s recovery, after his accident he wrote a nine hundred page novel by hand because he could not use a computer. There is now another attempt to recreate another of his masterpiece by film maker Lawrence Kasdan. The question is did he improve the great novel or put it to shame. The film Dreamcatcher in comparison to the novel has a lack of definition in the plot line. In creating a Hollywood picture the director Lawrence Kasdan has created an excellent detailed and very graphic film version of the novel Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. In consideration to the detail it still did not redeem itself for losing the most important fact that there was a great lose in the plot line which made the film quite confusing.

Therefore the novel genre is more effective with the readers being able to follow the plot line, where the film version keeps the viewer intrigued by the suspense. The novel Dreamcatcher would be one of the most complicated novels to produce into a successful film, which is why it was not a great success.

In some parts of the film Dreamcatcher, it seems that the recreation is exactly the picture as the writer described. Where in other particular scenes it does seems as if it is a completely different story line. As the film begins the director did an excellent job of recreating Stephen King’s twisted but interesting imagination into a film. Midway into the film the two plots began to go on two separate paths between the film and the book. Even with the differences in the plot line most of the characters still...