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A Dreamers Dream Girls. That's a very intense word. They can make a guy laugh, cry, and love. And you can't live with them, but you can't live without them. They can tear a guy apart like a lion tearing through a deer's flesh, or make a guy feel whole like watching a beautiful sunset with her. Whenever a guy sees a beautiful girl, he gets this feeling that is hard to explain. Every guy has some kind of dream girl in his mind, and I'll never forget the day I saw mine.

There I was on the first day of school, sitting in my algebra class before the bell waiting for everybody to come in the class. I was really nervous, as is everybody on the first day. I was sitting there so nervous like I was expecting to go on trial for murder or something of that sort.

And then it happened. The most intense feeling happened to me. I felt all tingly all over my body like popcorn was popping in my veins. My hair on the back of my neck stood up straight like soldiers in line at the army. My jaw dropped as fast as a steel block falling from the Empire State Building. And my whole attention was focused on her, and it looked like I was looking through a microscope, and all I could see was this one object. There she was. The most dreamed about girl in my whole eighteen year old life. She stood there like a fire red rose knowing that itself was beautiful without anybody having to tell them. Her hair was a brunette with a few blond highlights like lightening ripping through the sky. Her hair was a couple inches below her shoulders, like she didn't want her hair too short or too long. Her eyes were a dark green to go with her golden tan as though she was a native from Hawaii. Her lips looked as soft as a feather pillow one uses to go to sleep with. She was wearing a light sky blue shirt that had spaghetti straps and it hugged her as though somebody painted it on her. Her skirt was a midnight black and went to her knees. It was like a church girls dress that was conservative, and did not show too much of the leg. Her legs looked as smooth as a silk blanket. Her body stood slender and firm as though all she did her whole life was work out. I could smell her where I was sitting from, and she smelt like some kind of rare sweet perfume, mixed with that lovely smell each and every girl has. Every guy knows that sweet scent, and only a girl could have it.

She came and sat right next to me, and I kept looking at her thinking, how could anybody be this beautiful? My hands started sweating as though I was running my own water company. My mouth closed as though somebody was holding it shut, and my hearing left me like I was already eighty years old. Everything started turning white as though my eyes were being covered with a white sheet like the KKK members wear. Then out of nowhere my mouth opened and I said, "Hello." Then she turned and said hello back, with a soothing soft voice. Her voice was soothing like listening to the raindrop onto a metal roof. And that's where all my strength for the day ended, as though I had just ran a thousand mile marathon. But hopefully, by the next day I would have enough strength and courage to carry a whole conversation with her.

The day I saw my dream girl was like the day I got my first car. But one does have to worry about the personality of these sorts of girls. Every guy might not get the chance to meet theirs, but I was one of the lucky ones, and she even sat by me in my class. How lucky is that? But, hopefully, every guy will get his chance, unless it is mine.